Hawkins Preserve

Hawkins Preserve

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Hawkins Preserve, a 122-acre tract of land within the southern city limits of Cortez, was donated to the Colorado University Center of Cortez (now the Cortez Cultural Center) by Mr. Jack Hawkins in the 1990s. The Preserve is a valuable asset for the residents and visitors of Cortez because of the environmental setting, the diversity of plant and animal species represented across several biotic communities, the historic and prehistoric cultural resources, and the accessibility of these resources to the Preserve’s visitors.

Open Daily – Dawn to Dusk

For tours, rock climbing permits and general information, please contact The Cortez Cultural Center at info@cortezculturalcenter.org or 970-565-1151.

Directions to Hawkins Preserve from The Cortez Cultural Center

South on Market St. to 7th Street

West on 7th Street to Oak Street

South on Oak Street to Verde Vu Street

West on Verde Vu Street to South Cedar Street

South Cedar Street to Hawkins Preserve parking lot

Download Trail Map PDF Below

Protecting the Preserve

Hawkins Preserve is a valuable site of cultural resources, natural features and plant & animal communities within the Cortez city limits.  Please help protect the Preserve by observing the following rules:

  • Dogs must be on leashes at all times.  Please use the waste baggies provided at the trailheads along Mesa View Trail.
  • Please stay on trails or rock surfaces and obey signs.
  • Leave no trace – carry out your trash.
  • Look, touch and enjoy – but please leave artifacts, plants, etc… where you find them.
  • No campfires allowed.
  • Access below the rim, including rock climbing, is by permit only.  Please complete the permit application and forward to info@cortezculturalcenter.org.  
  • Permits are also required for groups, including school classrooms, visiting for educational or scientific purposes.  Please contact the Cortez Cultural Center at info@cortezculturalcenter.org or 970-565-1151.
  • Please consider giving back as a volunteer or making a donation to The Cortez Cultural Center.

How can you help?

One reason Hawkins Preserve is so valued is for its diverse array of native plant species.  The noxious weed Puncture Vine, or Goatshead (Tribulus terrestris), has been spotted in other local trail systems, and since so many of us love to enjoy all of the many local recreational areas, it’s easy for these weeds to travel between ecosystems.  This particular weed is nasty one, so if you happen to see any of it growing in the Preserve we would love if you’d let us know so we can attempt  to get rid of it as early as possible!  Here are some picture so you know what to look for:


Copyright Al Schneider, www.swcoloradowildflowers.com


Copyright Al Schneider, www.swcoloradowildflowers.com

Download Permit Application Below

Check Out Our Beautiful Hawkins Preserve Below!

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       Download a PDF copy of the history of Hawkins Preserve and find out more!

Hawkins Preserve is home to a wide variety of plants.  See the species list below for an idea of the diverse habitat provided by Hawkins Preserve.