About Us



President Holly Tatnall
Vice President Diane Cherbak
Secretary Deanna Bagge
Treasurer Paul Beckler
Randy Bangert
Rachel Medina

Executive Director
Rebecca Levy

Arts Director
Hillary McMahan

Retail Associate
Darinda “DD” Madison

Facilities Associate
Maggie Speans




When you contribute to the Cortez Cultural Center and Hawkins Preserve, you are enhancing the lives of both locals and visitors from around the world. Our programs increase cultural understanding, promote the arts, and educate participants about history, diversity, and the natural environment.

We are a nonprofit 501.c.3 member-supported organization, originally founded in 1987.  After 31 years we continue to be “home to the creative spirit, cultural heritage, and natural wonder of the Four Corners.” A gallery featuring local artists is on the main floor, and a meeting room that is free and open to other local nonprofit groups is upstairs. Native American dance performances are held nightly throughout the summer, and are free and open to the public. The Center also hosts evening art classes throughout the year, and a local lecture series on topics central to the Center’s mission.

The Cortez Cultural Center is the steward of Hawkins Preserve, one of Cortez, Colorado’s outdoor hidden gems that is free and open to the public from sun-up to sun-down, year-round. Over 2.5 miles of pedestrian and bicycle trails meander across ancient potholed sandstone slickrock formations, and through the Preserve’s 122 acres of densely forested piñon/juniper and sagebrush landscape. An ADA accessible concrete trail traverses across the northern reaches of the Preserve, while single track dirt paths lead to archaeological ruins and Dakota sandstone cliffs.